Don Juan iPad Sleeve Montefino Blue

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Don Juan cases are crafted using only Full Grain, 1st Grade Cowhide Leather; which is a naturally expressive material that encourages beautiful leather craft.


Our designers and craftsmen choose to work with only full grain cowhide leather because of its inherent natural qualities of strength and thickness, yet retaining its unique characteristics of being flexible, breathable and supple to the touch. These are the trademarks that define each Don Juan case over its lifetime.


Every little detail of the creation of this case, from working with family run vendors who supply us with their finest materials, and the luxurious hand strap that’s comfortable yet functional, to the intricate stitching that make up this case has been meticulously refined to suit the very highest standards of our discerning clientele.


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Don Juan iPad Sleeve Montefino Blue

Don Juan iPad Sleeve Montefino Blue